Working with the Future Research of the DOME consortium

This week Jonas Moll and Åsa Cajander from HTO participated in a two-day conference with around ten other researchers from the DOME consortium. The consortium has done research on medical records online since 2012, and it is really a flourishing group of people. Recently DOME has received funding for several new research projects, and the Disa project is partly a part of DOME.

Åsa Cajander has written a short blog post of the work done during day 1 of the conference, and day two had a focus on the future of the consortium. You can also find some blog posts on DOME in Jonas Moll’s blog. 

To make the discussion about the future of DOME, and a reframing of the objectives of the consortium we had engaged a professional facilitator from Gothia Science Park to help us. I must say that the person we engaged did an excellent job, and that we had very good discussions related to our work.

We started off the work with DOME’s future during day one when we were asked to write post-it notes in areas related to an inventory of our assessments. Day 2 we then started to work with the invetory of what we have in regards to results, networks, experiences etc. We worked in pairs and rotated in the room to put notes on the different topics on different sections of the wall. The whole room was especially designed for this kind of workshop, and to facilitate creative discussions.

When the inventory was done we moved on to doing a SWOT analysis, and to defining the objectives with the DOME consortium that needed to be updated and agreed upon.

We were also asked to write down our own objectives with being a part of the consortium, which revealed that we are indeed a group of people motivated by improvement of heath care. This exercise also showed that many of us have the same goals, and that there were no contradicting goals in the group.

This strategic work was indeed very motivating, and really something I strongly recommend to all research projects, networks or research groups.

As always it was excellent to meet the other DOME researcher, and I am really looking forward to our next meeting in the fall. Until then we collaborate using Slack, Skype and other collaborative technologies. Not as fun, but it works really well too. 🙂


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