Visiting period at Uppsala University – Shweta Premanandan


Its great to be back again at Uppsala! I had a very productive time here in 2015. That visit including the formal meetings, the informal discussions with my co-scholars, feedback from presentations at two research groups made a lot of difference and helped shape my PhD work to a great extent.

I am Shweta Premanandan and I am employed with Amrita School of Business, Amrita University as an Assistant Professor in the area of Information Systems and Analytics. I am a PhD scholar registered at Amrita University. Åsa Cajander is my co-supervisor. The formal and informal discussions with her has been instrumental in the progress of my PhD journey. I am doing my research in the area of technology adoption and national culture. My research aims to understand the effect of national culture on the adoption of e-government systems. It is a cross-cultural work and I collect data from two culturally distinct countries – India and Sweden. Due to the multi-dimensionality of the construct – culture; a mixed method approach is planned. I plan to conduct surveys and in-depth interviews from users of e-government services. I am here for a month to collect data from Sweden. I am presenting my work in the seminar series on the 20th of November. I eagerly look forward to interact with this group of researchers.

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