HTO Researchers Interviewed

Bengt Sandbad, Gerolf Nauwerk and Åsa Cajander were interviewed for a special issue on digital work environment, and our research is presented in two different articles in the magazine “Användbart!”.

The first article is about cognitive work environment work, and the history of the research area. It has the following introduction:

When you need your computer the most of them fail you. A sudden update interrupts your job. A crash erases the whole the morning’s work. Perhaps you can you recognize the stress when you made a mistake like that cannot be undone? Researcher Bengt Sandblad mean the way most IT systems are built is in conflict with how we humans work. Then cognitive work environment problems will occur.

The second article is about the digital work environment in health care and research on medical records online for patients. It also describes the DISA project.

Bad IT systems are a contributing factor to stress among healthcare employees according to the researcher Åsa Cajander, who examining a nurse’s digital work environment.

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Read the full articles here (pp 3)! 

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