Working in the HTO group for a week

My name is Edvin Cajander and I am 15 years old and come from 8th grade in Heby skola. I have been doing a work experience programme with the HTO group for one week.

I have updated the Project DOME page, including updating the pictures, some dates and information about the researchers. After that I updated the activities with some conference, presentations and meetings. I also worked on putting in some Journal papers and conference contributions and sorted them all out from the new at the top and the old ones at the bottom. When I was done with the Journal papers and the conference contributions I upgraded the Project DOME WordPress site to a subscription for 30 Skr a month, which gave me the ability to change the theme on the site and sorting everything out again.

Working as a Researcher was a tough ride with a lot of thinking trying to learn so much new thinks, at the start I felt like it would take years to do everything i was supposed to do but when I got into the instructions I ended up finishing all the things in a couple off hours. My Mother, Åsa Cajander, believed I would not finish everything in the length of my whole week, so she did not really believe me in that case. Then I got the other task to change the theme of the the project DOME site and I also finished that so now I am here got a new thing to do and write a blog about what I have done the last week.It felt like a very long week because I did so many new things and that was very exiting. It felt good doing something new this week and being around new people. I actually got stuck at my “missions” from mom and it actually was very fun working as a researcher.



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