HTO Participating in Discussions about AI and Digitalisation

Many from the HTO group are working in the area of AI, automation and digitalisation. Bengt Sandblad is writing a book in the area related to security. Gerolf Nauwerck does a study on automation of an application process in Social Services and Åsa Cajander is interested in the area from a work environment perspective. Also, we follow some of the ongoing digitalisation efforts with automation in health care through the DISA project.

We are all going to this interesting event where the effects on working life and work is discussed.

See you there!


Inbjudan AI AW 5.4.19

Åsa Cajander

Professor at Uppsala University
Åsa Cajander the research leader of the HTO research group. She is Professor of Computer Science with a Specialization Towards Human-Computer Interaction at Uppsala University.

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