From Digitalisation and the Work Environment to Accessibility – HTO did Key Notes at the Suniweb Conference

The Suniweb conference took place in the main university building and HTO was invited to hold two keynotes on the occasion.

First, Åsa Cajander and Diane Golay talked about what happens at the research front in the field of digitization and work environment; fragmentation of time, changes in tasks and the problem of being constantly connected and reachable.

Below is a photo of Lars Oestreicher and Diane Golay in front of the entrance to the main lecture hall in the university building, below the famous – and very criticized motto of Uppsala University (you can find an explanation of the motto on this page):

“To think freely is great, but to think rightly is greater”



Second, Lars Oestreicher talked about how to create communication systems for people with special needs. He explained how it is to live with ADHD, and gave lots of examples of communication technology for special needs. One example are text editors that only support writing text – and not editing or formatting it – as extra features can be very distracting when you have ADHD.

However, there are also lots of technology that is not helpful for you if you have ADHD such as one-click-buy systems. Other problems are related to personal advertising on web pages, which makes you want to buy things that you never thought that you would want. These kinds of systems might contribute to increased economic diversity, and result in a society that excludes in new ways.

Below is a photo of Lars giving his key note



The moderator of the conference was AMAZING. He summed the presentations up using rhyme. His name is Jacke Sjödin, and you find information about him here:

Diane Golay

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