Five Challenges with Digitalisation in Health Care

Some students in the course Complex IT systems have done interviews with people working with IT in health care. The people interviewed worked with all areas of the IT systems development life cycle. The areas included procurement, design, maintenance and implementation.

Today the students did affinity diagrams of the challenges and opportunities that they learned about from the interviews.

Here is a list of five of the challenges that they found in the interviews: 

  1. Patient Focus. Patients are more important than IT systems. “Production” can’t be halted. Day to day work has higher priority than digitalisation
  2. Maintenance. Keeping systems up to date and bug free. Distance between users and maintenance.
  3. Team. Difficult to find people that can spare their time to work with digitalisation. Educating the design team and potential users of the digitalisation and the processes used.
  4. Rules and Regulations. There are lots of strict guidelines and laws in health care. This can be challenging.  A lot of sensitive data is handled within the systems and is governed by regulations.
  5. Education. Help the users understand how to use the system. There are large groups of people who need to be taught how to use the system.

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