On Catching a Moving Target – final seminar by Ida Lösher

 Ida Löscher had her final seminar before defending her PhD thesis with the title:

Catching a Moving Target.

The Use of Cognitive Work Analysis

to Understand Users’ Needs

in a Future Context.

The opponent at the final seminar was Pernilla Ulfvengren from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

The seminar started with Ida Löscher presented her work. Her work spans two domains: health care and the automotive industry. In this she has made use of Cognitive Work Analysis which is about analyzing work to support design. Ida’s work was presented as a part of a Licentiate Thesis that can be found here.

Some ideas we found interesting from the presentation was:

  • IT systems development is a constant moving target. The work environment is constantly changing.
  • Technology changes work and roles in an organisation. Teknik som förändrar arbete/roller
  • How can we analysis today’s work in a way to inform design of tomorrow’s design?
  • Systems are overlapping – and sometimes you need to accept that they are.

After the presentation Pernilla Ulfvengren had a discussion with Ida Löscher. Pernilla Ulvengren started with telling that the topic of the PhD is indeed is urgent and very relevant. Pernilla Ulvengren made an example with the use of whistles by nurses at Karolinska asking us about why they use whistles in the children’s hospital. In 2017 iPads were bought to replace alert buttons, and this didn’t work for nurses. Someone had turned off one of the iPads, and all of the iPads had been switched off, according to Pernilla. On top of this iPad didn’t work when blood or other fluids on the hands etc. So at that time they used whistles instead. You can read more about this IT failure here.

The presentation and the discussion was indeed very interesting and we look forward to the PhD defence!

This blog post was written collaboratively by the HTO group.

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