Networking in the Area of Robot Process Automation and Health Care

The STRIA project has started up with some meetings related to the use of robot process automation (RPA) and health care. Åsa Cajander participated in a meeting to discuss the potential for the technique for the surgical care ward in Uppsala.

Robotic process automation is suitable for automation of some parts of processes, or whole work processes that are very restricted to predefined rules and repetitious. There has been some successful implementations of this kind of technique in social care, but there have also been reports from failures (as usual).  There is to our knowledge very little research related to this technology and its effects on the work environment, and we aim at filling this research gap with more knowledge. However: Gerolf Nauwerck is HTO’s expert on RPA and he has done an interesting study on it in social care which will be reported here in the blog later on.

The meeting related to RPA in surgical care resulted in some ideas, and interesting discussions about the problems that health care is facing. Most of all the meeting resulted in good networking opportunities and also good contacts with the aim of finding a good set up for the first STRIA study. We’ll keep you posted of our progress!


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