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Setting up and preparing new study related to the digital work environment in health care

Marta Larusdottir and I are working hard these weeks with preparing and setting up one of our STRIA studies. Most of all we have prepared the set up of the studies including ethical aspects such as data storage, information to participants and information about people. This work also includes doing a information classification and informing about our study to the person responsible for information at the university.

We have also had meetings with the collaborators at Region Uppsala to plan the work, and to get input on what they are interested in.

Given that IT is constantly changing, new digital work environment problems arise, and previous research needs to be supplemented with new studies. The first study we’ll do in STRIA is with nurses and physicians working with triage in primary care. A new system has been implemented where nurses chat with patients instead of talking on the phone. The illustration for this blog post is not a picture of the system, but of a general chat window. The digitalization that we will investigate is presented at this page:

In this study we will look into how this digitalisation affects the digital work environment. The implemented system that we’ll look into seen as a first step towards a more efficient service to patients and is therefore interesting to study. We will begin work on field studies / observations using a method called Contextual Inquiy during a few working days at 1177. After that, we will complement the contextual inquiries and observations with semi structured interviews. Both Marta Larusdottir and Åsa Cajander will participate in the data collection.

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