HFES 2019

The Human Factor and Ergonomics Society 63rd International Annual Meeting is taking place in Seattle 28 Oct – 1 Nov!

The HFES program covers a broad variety of topics including for example Health IT and Patient Safety, Human Factors, and Ergonomic Design, as well as opportunities to connect with other Human Factor researchers, professionals and students within the HFES community. It is an exciting week! Follow what is happening on twitter.

Today (October 31), a study from the DISA project will be presented during a session on Information organization and Visualization. The talk is called “Visualizing Purpose and Functionality Overlaps of Health IT Systems using an Abstraction Hierarchy”, and it is a study I carried out together with Thomas Lind.

Ida Löscher

PhD Student at Uppsala University
Ida Löscher (Bodin) has a Master of Science in Engineering degree in Product Realization, and a Master in Ergonomics and Human-Technology-Organisation, both from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

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