Forthcoming Book in Medical Informatics

The HTO group will be contributing with two book chapters to a forthcoming book in Medical Informatics. The book is meant to be used in university courses in the subject, or read by people interested. Martin Rydmark and Göran Petersson are editors and the book will be an updated version of a very popular book written in 1996 named Medicinsk informatik with Liber utbildning as the publisher.

HTO will be contributing to two of the chapters in the book: 

  1. One about usability and the work environment for health care professionals written together with Diane Golay,  Minna Salminen Karlsson, and Åsa Cajander
  2. One focusing on person centred care and eServices written together with Axel WolfIsabella Scandurra,  Maria Hägglund and Åsa Cajander

We will be working with these book chapters the first deadline for a first draft is in November. We are discussing, and planning the content of each chapter using different colours for the areas that we are going to write about.

To be continued….

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