A Unique Project Course Collaboration

The IT in Society course is a unique collaboration in two ways: First it is a collaboration with Region Uppsala and second it is an international collaboration with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and also Gannon University.

Mats Daniels is the person behind the set up of course. In this blog I have done an interview with him related to the collaboration aspects of the course: 

How did you get the idea with international collaboration in the course? 

Initially from very positive experiences from doing a year abroad, Case Westerns Reserve University, Cleveland, USA, during my undergraduate studies. Uppsala University also had other experiences from other student collaborations in the  Runestone and New Zealand projects to build on.

The main driving idea was to construct a learning environment where the development of professional competencies becomes a natural consequence and where the students get prepared for a global work force.

What are the advantages with a course collaboration with Region Uppsala

To provide an environment where the complexities we want the students to consider as (IT-) professionals are very real.

It is also very motivating for faculty as well as students to learn from problems coming in real settings.

What are the plans in the future when it comes to collaboration?

To find a new long term collaboration person in Region Uppsala and to work on rekindling the collaboration with Gannon University, Eire, USA. Another progression plan is to integrate with other project courses at the IT department  and possibly in other disciplines as well.

What are your tips for other universities or organisation who want to set up this kind of course collaboration?

To think “out of the box” in terms of how course collaboration can be done, perhaps especially in terms of how closely connected the the courses are. When collaborating with external partners it is important to find mutual benefits, where learning is still at the forefront, and preferably forming a long term commitment.

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