Congratulations Ida Löscher on the Nailing of your PhD Thesis!

Nailing your PhD thesis in front of colleagues and friends is an old academic tradition that we adhere to at the HTO group. Three weeks before the dissertation we nail the thesis to a log of wood in front of colleagues and friends. After the nailing we celebrate with a nice fika (ie. coffee and cake).

The background is that  university must provide the dissertation openly to the public three weeks before the dissertation so that whoever wishes to read have time to do so before the defence. The idea is that anyone should be able to give criticism during the dissertation. There is also a more official nailing of the thesis digitally where the thesis is made available online. In connection with the nailing ceremony, reference copies of the thesis are also distributed to the libraries to hold them.

Congratulations Ida on nailing your PhD thesis! Now we are all looking forward to the defence!! You’ll do brilliant, no doubt.



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