The umbilical cord to my supervisors is about to being cut

The time has come for me to announce the date for my thesis defense that is planned to take place at Jönköping University (my current institution) the 5th of June 2020. The subject of the dissertation is related to the digitalized work environment and its relationship with health aspects. Funnily is that prof. Åsa Cajanders former supervisor Jan Gulliksen will be the opponent at this event, and I hope that is a good sign! Even though I still have some hard work to complete, I feel that I finally can see the “light in the tunnel”. No, seriously speaking, the time as a PhD-student has really been stimulating and developing, but also joyful and occasionally challenging. Sometimes, I compare the transition between the time as a PhD-student and a graduated PhD, with the transition for a baby from being unborn to be born. Alternatively, the transition for a youth that are living with his/her parents to move out from the parents’ house and live by their own. What I am trying to say is that being a PhD-student is to be in a comfort zone, you have your supervisors for guidance and to rely upon. However, when it is time to graduate, the comfort zone must be left behind, the “umbilical cord” to your supervisors must be cut, and you need to “move out from your parents’ house” to experience the “real academic world” outside the PhD-bubble. I am looking forward to this transition with horror-amused emotions. So, welcome to my defense in June, and I better go back to work to accomplish this target. 

Too be continued…

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/Magdalena Stadin, Guest blogger

Magdalena Stadin

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