Public thesis defense via Zoom – Will that be the case for me?

Looking back six months ago, I could never ever in my wildest imagination foresee that a tiny virus possibly will influence on my public thesis defense, that is planned in June 2020. In Sweden, all universities have shifted to online teaching. However, concerning doctoral students, the Swedish higher education authority (UKÄ) still recommends that doctoral students should be able to graduate during this time. Graduation include a public thesis defense, as many of you know. At the same time, gathering of 50 people and above is illegal in Sweden, at the moment. It is also at time of writing uncertain for how long this temporally restriction in the law will last for. This is really happening, and it is possibly and even likely that my public thesis defense will be hold via Zoom. So, what do I feel about that? Well, of course this is disappointing, but hey, I guess all of us are affected by disappointment in one way or another related to Covid-19.

 In times of crisis, I have heard that acceptance is a key component of coping and overcoming the crisis. So now when I have accepted the possible scenario that my public thesis defense will be via Zoom, I try to be humorous about it. It is actually rather funny, in an ironic sense, that my thesis defense might be digital – since the theme of my thesis is about the digital work environment! Maybe I will experience some technostress when we are supposed to discuss technostress. That would be crazy! Then to the defense party, an event that I have been looking forward to for a long time. What will happen to this event? Nobody knows, because it is hard to make plans in these days. However, one thing about the party I do know. If there not will be a defense party, there will be a post-defense party, and I cannot wait for it!

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Magdalena Stadin

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