Remote Working and Testing doing a Master Thesis

Last week I finished transcribing the interviews. Next up was the theme analysis with the coding. Out of recommendation, I started using a programme called Atlas.ti. Respectively, I used their cloud or browser tool. I entered all my interviews and started coding. I had a few problems with using it concerning that it was reacting very slowly after I had more than 10 pages of codes (25 per page). This meant that I had to start my first iteration of merging similar codes even before I finished coding all interviews which made it cumbersome for my inductive approach. However, the programme is still in beta and it ended up working great and I only had one wish in the end: For the theme analysis, it would be practical to have a sort of canvas like a whiteboard with post-it’s where I can move codes around to matching themes by still having an overview over many codes.

Since my preliminary findings showed a larger interest of using remote testing and collaboration tools but not only because of COVID-19, I was intrigued in starting to reach out to my participants to ask for additional sources for learning, tools, and methods which they are using. I am thinking of creating a portfolio set of those to give readers of my thesis and overview of that.

Next will be finishing the theme analysis and start writing down the results.

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