On Working Remotely as a UX Professional

My name is Johannes Geiser, and I am currently writing my master thesis in those precarious times of COVID-19 about how UX professionals are working and learning with methods and skills. This gave me not only headaches but also amazing insights on how things can change towards remote working.

I started writing the results chapter with a new idea of writing iteratively. This meant that I started by noting down bullet points for each chapter, then I wrote down each bullet point, and in the next iterations, I continuously improve my writing.

I found a few interesting points which I wanted to share. Interestingly, collaboration with colleagues influences the choice of tools and the tools influenced what methods the participants were using. Another interesting fact is that the problem existed even before COVID-19 but no one was invested in changing it. But now I can see from the data many of the people I interviewed are forced changing their methods to work remotely. One example was about workshops which would work remotely. One participant wanted to combine old best practices with new technology/ideas such as data-driven user journey mapping. She did not necessarily want to replace but also to add some benefits to the existing methods. Participants also wanted to learn methods which are transferable to their daily life.

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