The role of collaboration in train traffic – a presentation for the research program KAJT

Yesterday, I presented at the annual research seminar arranged by KAJT and talked about my research on the collaboration between train traffic controllers and train drivers. KAJT, which stands for Kapacitet i Järnvägstrafiken (Capacity in the Railway Traffic System), is a research program that cooperates with multiple companies and Universities in Sweden, and Uppsala University is one of them. Their overarching goal is to improve the performance of the Swedish railway by optimizing the use of the rail system and to design for efficient and reliable train traffic.

The presentations at the seminar displayed a wide range of interesting topics related to planning and the execution of train traffic. In my presentation, I talked about the relationship between train traffic controllers and train drivers with emphasis on the prerequisites and challenges they have for establishing and maintaining a successful collaboration. There were eight other presentations on different subjects such as for example the optimization of the timetable, development and testing of so-called driver advisory systems (DAS), automation and self-driving trains, and much more.

The seminar is usually held in Borlänge, but this year it was online due to the current circumstances of covid-19. To present for an audience that you cannot see or hear was an interesting experience and although I think I prefer to present for a live audience and to feel that energy in the room, the benefit of this year’s arrangement is that the seminar was recorded and will be available online via KAJT sometime soon.  

Rebecca Cort

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