I nailed it!

Yesterday, the 14th of May, I finally successfully nailed my thesis entitled: ‘The digitalised work environment: health, experiences and actions. The nailing process took place at my home institution, School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University. In times of Covid-19 and to fit the subject of my thesis, the nailing ceremony was also sent via Zoom. My supervisor from Umeå University that participated via Zoom stated that ‘the solemn and celebrating atmosphere went through the screen’. So, it was actually more people that could be part of my nailing ceremony that it otherwise would have been (tumbs up!). Formally, the nailing process is about announcing the thesis for public view, at lest three weeks before the thesis will be defended. At my home institution, the nailing ceremony usually involves that the principal of the research school in health and welfare says a few words about the thesis, and then the doctoral student has the opportunity to say a few words. Then, the doctoral students take the hammer, and nail the thesis on the wall. Finally, we take a toast. According to my point of view, this nailing ceremony is a really nice tradition, and I am so happy that I finally have nailed it. If you want to read my thesis online, you will find it here. I will also take the opportunity to give my gratitude to the nice flowers and wine that I received in conjunction with the nailing ceremony.

Best Regards


Magdalena Stadin

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