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Time for summer vacation – see you in August!

The summer in Sweden is here. For those of you that are not familiar with the summer in Sweden, it is characterized by light nights, greenery, strawberries, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, swimming in lakes, barbeque nights, rosé wine and not to forget irritating mosquitos, rain and thunder storms. Since the HTO-group also promote a healthy work environment, we highly recommend that you take the opportunity during summer vacation to get a big portion of recovery and mental detachment from work. This is significant for maintaining a good health. It is also a good idea to slow down the working pace the days before summer vacation, and to start up the work slowly after the summer vacation break. Because of this, you will not hear from us until August when we are back at work again. We have several interesting research projects planned for the fall, and we hope that you will visit our blog again by then.

Take care and see you later!

On the behalf of the HTO-group

/Magdalena Stadin, PhD

Magdalena Stadin

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