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A literature review about AI, robotics and the work environment at the request of Mynak

A while ago we were informed about some great news for our research group. The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise (Mynak) has given prof. Åsa Cajander, prof. Bengt Sandblad and PhD Magdalena Stadin from the HTO-group at the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, along with prof. Elena Raviola from the Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg the opportunity to write a literature review about artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in relation to the work environment. Monica Kaltenbrunnar at Mynak is our project leader. We have just started up this review and we have many relevant research questions related to this area to investigate. As a foretaste, from an interdisciplinary point of view, we will examine research about physical, cognitive as well as organizational and psychosocial aspects of the digital work environment related to the use of AI and robotics. Additional important work environmental aspects we will consider in this review are for instance decision making, ethics as well as potential structural changes on the labor market with regard to the increasing use of AI and robotics. However, one of the major objectives in this review will also be to indetify research gaps in this area. We are very honored for being entrusted to conduct this review, that is planned to be published in the beginning of 2022.

On the behalf of the review authors,
/Magdalena Stadin, PhD

Magdalena Stadin

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