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Debate article about efforts to improve the digital work environment

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The 24th of September 2020, the following debate article about incitement to improve the digital work environment was published by
A main reason to make efforts to improve the digital work environment, is that it can potentially save societal, organizational as well as individual costs. Why is that? Well, an unsustainable digital work environment is characterized by e.g. of high demands on availability via information and communication technology, intensified work, technical struggle, complex information systems or non-user centered information systems, might contribute to technostress (i.e. work-related stress addressed to the digital work environment). In turn, stress related diseases are in the major source to sick leave in Sweden, causing huge economic costs for society. Consequently, efforts to reduce sources to work-related stress have great societal, organizational, and individual benefits. From my point of view, the digital work environment can be strengthened from four dimensions; the political dimension, the organizational dimension, the individual dimension, and the system developer/UX designer dimension. In relation to the latter dimension, I discussed the potential benefit of using pedagogic strategies to design systems for a good work environment, in educations for system development. This can be easily made by using pedagogic strategies such as ‘heuristic thumb rules’, ‘think-aloud-technique’, and the use of ‘personas’ including a work environmental approach. The success of these strategies is currently evaluated in our STRIA-project, founded by AFA insurance. Research results about this will be posted in future blogposts.

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