HTO Writing Retreat Covid-19 style

The HTO group had a writing retreat at Ekelundshof two days in November. We had booked a small house and had lots of space and could easily sit strictly separated from each other. We had a couple of productive and social days, including lots of tasty food and refreshments. 

Magdalena Stadin mainly worked on a scoping review linked to the STRIA project funded by AFA insurance, about robotisation and the work environment in healthcare professionals. Stadin was mainly focusing on the results and discussion section in this scoping review, that is planned to be submitted no later than in January 2021. 

Diane Golay both worked on her paper of nurses and their experiences with IT systems, and on ethical approval for the SAPVAL project on pharmaceutical validation funded by UU innovation. 

Åsa Cajander worked on a follow-up paper to a study on digitalisation and the work environment in health care. The paper will be submitted before Christmas and the main author of the paper is Sofia Leijon who did an excellent work with the analysis of the data. During the retreat, Åsa worked with background texts and also technical issues related to Zotero and the collaborative writing process. This work is a part of a project funded by AFA insurance. 

Bengt Sandblad worked with the introductory texts and the background to the report on AI, robotisation and the work environment for the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise. We are going to do a literature review of existing research, and also an overview of grey literature and reports from public organisations and others. This work will continue in 2021. 

Rebecca Cort worked on a paper that will present an analysis of how workers involved in operational train traffic managed to successfully handle an incident that resulted in a breakdown of parts of the railway infrastructure. Hopefully, the paper is finalised early next year and it is written in collaboration with Jessica Lindblom from the University of Skövde. Rebecca also prepared a few blog posts that will show up at the HTO blog in the near future.