Podcast episode about eHealth, competence and work-related stress by ‘A Smart future’ (sv. En Smart Framtid)

During my very first day as an employee at the Information Technology Department at Uppsala University, a hot day in the middle of June, I went to Stockholm to record a podcast about eHealth and its association with competence and work-related stress. This podcast termed ‘A smart future’ (sv. En Smart Framtid) was produced by Ljudbang on behalf of the Swedish ESF Council. Me (Magdalena Stadin) and Anders Eklund, researcher and senior adviser for the Institute of Future studies were invited guests. In this podcast, we discussed questions such as benefits and downsides with the digitalization of Swedish healthcare from the perspective of different healthcare professionals. This podcast was released in November 2020, and If you are interested to listen to it (and are familiar with the Swedish language), you will find it here.

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Magdalena Stadin

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