Speak the user’s language – Tala användarnas språk

One of the core guidelines in user interface design is to “speak the user’s language“. This means that when designing user interfaces the designer should think about what words they use, for example for text explaining the input fields that the user enters information in,  text on buttons and in messages that the user gets.  The focus should be on choosing words so that the user will understand the text on the screen. If the designers are designing for kids, for example, they should use the words that the age group understands. If the user group is different from the designers, which is often the case, this guideline is very important to have in mind during the user interface design phase.

Recently Marta Lárusdottir, a member of the HTO group gave a presentation in Swedish on this subject at a conference kalled: Klarspråk 2020. The presentation is in Swedish and is available on line:

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