PhD course on Gender and ICT in HealthCare

The course will acquaint the student with research on gender and technology, applied to the field of e-health, in particular the technology that is used by health professionals. It should enable the students to critically analyze ICT in healthcare from a gender perspective and to understand how a gender perspective can improve the quality of e-health research. The introductory part on gender and technology starts from a basic level, and the latter part of the course brings up aspects and cases relevant to e-health in professional settings in particular.

The course is primarily aimed at students on masters and doctoral level in e-health, caring science, and medicine, but masters and doctoral students from other disciplines are also welcome The course is given on Zoom and runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 5.10. and 4.11.2021

Active participation, including discussion on the course literature, in 8 of the 10 lectures/seminars of the course equals 3 ECTS. There is also a possibility to write a course paper, which may later be turned into an article. An approved course paper gives additional 2 ECTS.

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