The move to New Ångström

A fresh restart in a brand-new building. The day has come when our IT-department finally has moved to our new building ‘New Ångström’ just over the street from our last building in Uppsala. New Ångström is the largest construction project in Uppsala University’s history – involving the construction of two new buildings totalling 30,000 square metres. Our Vice-rector of Science and Technology, prof. Johan Tysk the following about New Ångström;
“Since we live in an increasingly digitised world, bringing the University’s highly successful IT research closer to other Ångström research is absolutely the right way to go. It will become a modern, creative, educational environment where students, teachers and researchers can transcend subject boundaries”
The move of the IT-department fits good in time since we just had some reorganisations, but also since our department recently turned 20 years. So, what do we think about New Ångström in the HTO-group?! Well, since several collegues not yet had the opportunity to visit the building, I will speak for myself when telling my experience of the new building. I must say that the atmosphere in Nya Ånström is really impressing, and it feels like ‘light therapy’ in many places inside of the building. The Uppsala view from various directions is also stunning (FYI the building is covered with panorama windows), not least from the meeting rooms and staff rooms. The taste of the coffee is also approved. (Very important for Swedes since coffee is or ‘national drink’ 😉). I have also decorated my office with orchids, blankets and a cookie jar, so I am all set. I am sure that we will have a good and creative time here at New Ångström.

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Magdalena Stadin, Postdoc
Magdalena Stadin

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