Visiting period at the HTO May – June 2018 – Shweta Premanandan

I had the opportunity to visit Uppsala University again during May-June 2018. And this time I was welcomed by the warm Swedish summer! I was at the HTO group to work with my co-supervisor Dr. Åsa Cajander on my PhD work. My earlier visit in November 2017 to the group was very successful during which I collected survey and interview data from the Swedish context. My research is to understand the role of culture in the acceptance and use of e-government systems. And hence, data from two contexts is really important for the quality of my work.

During the duration on my visit, I worked on analysing my interview data. I discussed my work with Dr. Marta Larusdottir and Dr. Minna Karlsson, apart from discussions with my supervisor. These meetings opened me to a wide variety of ideas to work on with my interview data and they look promising. I also took a training session at the University Library on the use of Nvivo 12 for analysing interviews and organizing my literature review section. I also presented my analysis work in the Vi2 research seminar. We had some interesting discussions and I received good feedback. I am now in the process of writing chapters of my thesis. Discussions with other group members and my office-mates also were extremely helpful in this regard. The most helpful aspect of being at Uppsala university is to be able to meet so many PhD students at the department (or at the local watering hole) who may not be from my area and who are doing some really amazing work and be able to discuss research.

Uppsala never ceases to amaze me! I got a good cultural experience when I got to be a part of the staff Midsummer party. The music and the dancing was just amazing. Interacting with a multi-cultural community also helped my research work immensely. I hope to share my research work through this blog site soon!

Visiting period at Uppsala University – Shweta Premanandan


Its great to be back again at Uppsala! I had a very productive time here in 2015. That visit including the formal meetings, the informal discussions with my co-scholars, feedback from presentations at two research groups made a lot of difference and helped shape my PhD work to a great extent.

I am Shweta Premanandan and I am employed with Amrita School of Business, Amrita University as an Assistant Professor in the area of Information Systems and Analytics. I am a PhD scholar registered at Amrita University. Åsa Cajander is my co-supervisor. The formal and informal discussions with her has been instrumental in the progress of my PhD journey. I am doing my research in the area of technology adoption and national culture. My research aims to understand the effect of national culture on the adoption of e-government systems. It is a cross-cultural work and I collect data from two culturally distinct countries – India and Sweden. Due to the multi-dimensionality of the construct – culture; a mixed method approach is planned. I plan to conduct surveys and in-depth interviews from users of e-government services. I am here for a month to collect data from Sweden. I am presenting my work in the seminar series on the 20th of November. I eagerly look forward to interact with this group of researchers.